Aloysia preparing for channel 10 interview in February 2014

Aloysia preparing for channel 10 interview in February 2014

Guantanamo, Human Rights, Accountability for Torture & Freedom of Information Requests


Aloysia has provided interviews to many major media organisations regarding human rights, Guantanamo, accountability for torture and freedom of information in both Australia and the United States.


Politics in the Pub, Torture in the War on Terror: Australia’s Role and Accountability, 23 March 2017



Prime Ministers Office Forced to hand over Sensitive Documents on David Hicks, Natalie O’Brien, Sydney Morning Herald, 20th June 2015.

Sky News Interview with David Speers for PM Agenda on the vindication of former Guantanamo prisoner, David Hicks. Thursday, 19th February 2015.

Sky News Interview Dr Aloysia Brooks


Sunrise interview about the release of the CIA report and Australia’s link, December 21, 2014


Revealed: How the US and UK tried to spin the Hicks case, Natalie O’Brien, December 14, 2014



Hicks’ wife Aloysia Brooks tries to get US truth, Sunshine Coast Daily, 23 February 2014


[Interview] Guantanamo Torture Lawsuit launched, Interview with Leah Craven, Channel Ten News, 22nd February 2014


[Extended interview] Global Day of Action to Close Guantanamo, Interview with Brian Thomson, SBS World News, 24th May 2014


Aloysia Brooks sues FBI, US agencies over secrecy, by Natalie O’Brien, The Sydney Morning Herald, 22nd February 2014



Guantanamo Bay: FOI reveals Howard government knew David Hicks would not get a fair trial by Natalie O’Brien, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29th December 2013



Presentation at “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” WikiLeaks Forum, 27th June 2012. (Aloysia’s speech starts at 50.20)

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Interview with Australian Human Rights organisation, Right Now, 26 June 2012


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